"Hey Jamie, can you find us a time to meet?"

Ever wanted your own assistant? HeyJamie is that assistant.

Jamie is an email-based virtual assistant that can schedule meetings, summarise documents, message your customers and more.

Works with your calendar. Microsoft Outlook & Google Calendar integration.
Meeting scheduling

Let Jamie handle the back-and-forward

Handles the conversation for you

Simply include Jamie into an email thread. Jamie will take over the conversation and find a time that works for everybody.

Works for multiple participants

Doesn't matter how many people are in the thread. Jamie will find a time that works for everybody.

Timezone support

Jamie works across timezones and can find a time that works for all participants.

All your documents. Jamie can read common file formats you use.
Document analysis

Ask Jamie to give you the cliff notes

Summarise PDFs, Slideshows & more

Jamie will process and read attachments, meaning you don't have to read everything to get up to speed.

Perform data analysis (BETA)

Let Jamie be a business analyst. Jamie can perform basic maths, regression modelling and more.

Confident with customers. Jamie is confident representing your brand.
True assistant

Jamie is confident chatting with customers

Take the heat

Missed a meeting? You can ask Jamie to take the heat for you. Jamie will email, apologise and organise a new time.

Handle inbounds

You can customise Jamie to be able to handle inbound requests. Make this even better by writing more context about your business.


Choose a plan and get started

Check out all included features for each plan

Jamie for Free

The perfect assistant for personal use, just connect your Google or Microsoft calendar.

  • Jamie virtual assistant
  • Email Jamie at [email protected]
  • 20 messages per month
  • Google & Microsoft calendar
Start for free

Jamie for Teams

Fully customize Jamie for your Enterprise. Additional security options available.

USD • Billed annually • minimum 3 users
  • Everything in Jamie for Individuals
  • Share Jamie with your team
  • Unlimited attachments
  • SAML single sign on*
  • Multiple assistants*
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Can't find the answer you're looking for? Email us at [email protected].

Can Jamie work with multiple participants to find a mutual time?

Yes, Jamie can work with multiple participants to find an appropriate time and get back to you once it's booked in.

Are there any hidden fees?

No, Jamie is $12 per month when paying annually. Otherwise, you can pay $16 per month, month-to-month.

How do you handle data privacy?

We don't store data that we don't need to provide you with this service.

Context of the emails you send Jamie is only kept for a short period of time to ensure that Jamie remembers what you asked.

Jamie only accesses your calendar to check specific dates and times for availability as needed. This data is not stored on our servers.

Can I use Jamie with my team?

Yes, Jamie for teams is coming soon.

Is Jamie secure?

Yes, Jamie has built-in safeguards to prevent misuse. In complex situations when Jamie is unsure how to handle a request, the request itself will be forwarded to you.

If anything goes wrong, you can email [email protected] for priority assistance.